Coastal Forest Feature

Featured in the October 2016 issue of Garden and Home is the Coastal Forest house that Studio Mitchell helped created for their clients Brian and Shannon Ayling. They were looking for a home base after their move to Dubai. The location provided the perfect backdrop to the tranquil lifestyle they were looking for when away from the busy Dubai metropolis. Nestled in a coastal forest estate this house reflects the airy laid back natural forest that surrounds it. These homeowners wanted a casual yet sophisticated home to relax in. The inside living areas merge effortlessly with the exterior entertainment spaces, and provide an escape from the daily hustle & bustle of life. In addition to making the most of the setting, this home allows for laid back living at its stylish best. Take a look at the project here.

We chose durable finishes and easy-to-clean surfaces, and included plenty of storage space so that the house is always tidy and ready for guests
— Amy Mitchell